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The Motocross Files – Bob Hannah



  •  Original 22:30 minute television program
  •  New 75+ minute expanded and deleted scenes
  •  Raw interview segments with Bob Hannah
  •  Raw interview segments with Bob’s mechanics Keith McCarty and Bill Buchka
  •  Bob’s Roast at the “One Chance to Win” Premiere
  •  Hilarious outtakes!
  •  Four hours of content!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 240 minutes.

DVD only. Blu-Ray not available at this time.

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Product Description

In 1976 a virtually unknown teenager from the high desert of Southern California began the motocross racing season on his new Yamaha with a purpose and an attitude. He would end the season with his first of seven #1 plates and a nickname…”The Hurricane”.

Bob “Hurricane” Hannah took the motocross world by storm in the 70’s and 80’s with his unique, no-holds barred riding style on the track and his matter-of-fact opinions off the track. Competitors loathed him (as he loathed them back) but everyone respected what would become one of the sport’s biggest personalities and most accomplished racers of all time.

This DVD captures all what is Bob “Hurricane Hannah”. The stories behind the stories as never told before because the words are coming from the man himself. From growing up in Lancaster, CA, to his first motocross race, to landing his Yamaha sponsorship and then dominating the sport for the rest of the decade. No one tells it like it is better than Bob Hannah. This DVD features many never-heard-before stories and never-seen-before archival photos and film footage of Bob and other motocross legends.


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