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Bob “Hurricane” Hannah’s 1981 Massacre at Saddleback


DVD Features:

  •  50-minute never before seen racing footage with play-by-play commentary from Bob “Hurricane” Hannah!
  •  New and expanded interviews with Bob Hannah and Keith McCarty from the TV show “The Motocross Files”.


Bonus Features:

  • Bob Hannah’s Roast from “One Chance to Win” Premiere.
  • “2008 Monsters of Motocross” promo with Bob Hannah as MC.
  • Over 90 minutes of content!

TOTAL RUNNING TIME: Approx. 90 minutes.

DVD only. Blu-Ray not available at this time.

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Product Description

Have you ever wondered why to this day, the “Hannah –vs- Howerton” 1981 Massacre at Saddleback is still considered one of the most controversial motocross races of all time?  Where did those famous lines come from – “You start it, I’ll finish it” and “You ram me, I’ll ram you”! What could possibly destroy a friendship and form a grudge that would last a lifetime?  Well now, you’ll finally see for yourself!
One of the nastiest, hard fought races in motocross history can be seen for the first time – right now.  And just to make it better, Bob Hannah has jumped in to add his unbiased colored commentary to the mix.  This is the first time the Hurricane has ever let you jump on board during competition – and it can’t be missed!  Our good friends who brought you the “Motocross Files” have even joined us, and they’ll be seasoning things up with the latest technology and up to date interviews with both the Hurricane and his good friend and mechanic, Keith McCarty.
So sit back and enjoy!  We’ll dispel the “controversy”, and simply move it over to the “Most Exciting MX Race of All Time” list!  The proof is in the video!


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Volume I, Number 1  , Released April 2009